The recent financial crisis in the western world and the European Union, which started by banking system in the United States, has led not only to the collapse of large financial institutions, but also to the crisis of the world economy, in this way, is a priority rethinking the role of the State and the strategies of the economic policy. These realities call for innovative researches on topics such as fiscal policy, monetary policy and exchange rate policy, the new fiscal governance, financial intermediation and capital markets, the relationship between law and finance, the integration of regional and global financial markets, the external imbalances, external balance, the crisis impact on banking sector, the corporate financial policy, and behavioral finance.

The focus of the Revista Finanzas y Política Económica is precisely on these and other related areas with research on the finance and economic policy.  For this reason, the editorial board is soliciting high quality submissions related to these subjects. The editorial board committed to a review process that is both constructive and feedback. The Revista Finanzas y Política Económica publishes high quality original manuscripts. Areas of interest include, but not limited to financial intermediation and capital markets, law and finance, asset pricing, global and regional integration of financial markets, capital and security markets, governance, information and security markets, behavioral finance, corporate financial policy and financial econometrics. The journal makes extra efforts toward maintaining a balance between theoretical and empirical work, and aims to provide prompt and constructive reviews to author(s).

The purpose of the next issues is to advance the literature through a collection of papers on under-researched topics in an economic context between European Union and America Latina. In this regard, the editorial board of the Revista Finanzas y Política Económica is pleased to announce the submission deadline for Authors, in accordance with the editorial policy and the rules described within the section instructions for authors (Submissions in English for our next editions will be received in the same dates):

Issue 8 (1) 2016 – deadline, June 15, 2015

Issue 8 (2) 2016 – deadline, December 15, 2015


Each author will receive 2 printed copies to the journal where their contributions appear.


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